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July 03, 2018

Week 2 Highlights – Arayot!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shavua Tov Le’kulam!

With a full week behind us, aydat Arayot shoots straight ahead into another just as jam packed week with Fourth of July celebrations and our first Achla Yom (special day)! Before I get into all of that, I’d like to share with you how amazing our first Shabbat together was. A perfect culmination to our first week together, we dressed up in our Shabbat finest and shared beautiful moments of singing, davening, and plenty of time for social bonding (even between Arayot banot (girls)and Kerem banim (boys)). Arayot experienced our first mosh-pit circle after slow shira! After Gurim, Gefen, and Kfirim go to bed, Arayot joined the rest of upper camp for ruach-filled songs and chants.

The heat wave hasn’t stopped us yet, and we are looking forward to much more while we constantly remind the chanichim (campers) with a chant “mayim, kovah, crem hagana!” Today we are back to our normal routine, planning an awesome Erev AARP (ask your kids to write about it because it’s gonna be ridiculous). Yesterday was our our first Achla Yom! We went to Weirs Beach and spent the hot summer day on that sand and in the water.

We will also be practicing our songs for Zimriyah (song fest) and Ketzev (coming up soon!). Speaking of, with only a little over a week we have already begun learning all of our songs and getting ready to perform for the entire camp at Zimriyah and then in Boston! We have yet to teach hand-motions, but the songs are coming along beautifully. Later on there will be an aydah-wide talent show displaying the vast range of talents the chanichim have to offer. Then on Wednesday, our day will be filled with Fourth of July celebrations (parade, cupcakes, and patriotic outfits).

We are so excited for what’s to come!


Nina and the rest of Tzevet Arayot