Camp YavnehCamp Yavneh
Boy campers in hammocks
​החיים בצריף

Bunk Life

Bunks at camp house 14-22 campers with three to five staff members per bunk. Bunks are assigned to aydot as follows:

  • Gurim – Current grade 2-4
  • Gefen – Current grade 5
  • Kfirim – Current grade 6
  • Arayot – Current grade 7
  • Leviim – Current grade 8
  • Maalot – Current grade 9
  • Kerem – Current grade 10

A little about bunk life…

Communal living at Yavneh is one of the most special parts of camp. Since most of our madrichim have been campers, they love to pass on the masoret which ensure that all campers have a great summer at Yavneh.

Bunking by the Numbers

  • The average number of campers in each bunk: 16
  • The typical number of counselors in each bunk: 4
  • Every bunk has showers, toilets, sinks, ample storage space
  • A mirpeset
  • Clothing lines for hanging wet towels
  • Fans for those warmer evenings
  • Outdoor tables
  • Ping pong tables in each area (A lot of campers bring their own ping pong racket)

Bunk Time

The bunk is home to our campers. Sha’at menucha happens after lunch when all campers go back to their bunk to recharge. A lot happens during that time including writing letters home, playing cooperative games, catching up with friends and having some downtime on their bed.

Campers return to their bunks again in the late afternoon for a chance to relax. At this time, most of the bunk showers and gets ready for dinner and fun Peulot Erev

Finally, bedtime at Yavneh has its own set of rituals. Lower camp starts heading back around 8:30 PM where campers change into pajamas, brush their teeth (don’t worry, we have to do a lot of reminding too!), a story (there are a lot of really good storytellers at camp) and of course, we recite the sh'ma before a little flashlight time and lights out.

Upper camp heads back starting at 9:15 PM, with many of the same rituals plus many bunk specific activities to continue to build community.

After lights out, Yavneh always has at least one counselor stay in the bunk with the campers all evening.