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Yedidut is Hebrew for friendship. The Yedidut program helps Yavneh remain true to our mission as a K’lal Yisrael camp by creating an inclusive environment where campers with special needs can feel at home. We create opportunities for friendships by understanding the needs of every camper and giving each camper the ability to participate and thrive in an inclusive environment. A higher counselor to camper ratio in bunks with Yedidut campers help ensure a quality bunk experience. All of our madrichim (counselors) go through extensive professional development trainings to learn how to work with our diverse camper population.

The Yedidut program allowed my child with special needs to successfully attend Camp Yavneh. Because of their challenges, they go to a non-Jewish school during the year, it is especially important to build that sense of Jewish belonging in camp. Thank you for this program, it has been life changing.

Current Yavneh Parent


Our goal at Camp Yavneh is to support all campers in their efforts to participate in fun, engaging experiences which match their abilities, share group meals, and develop strong peer-to-peer relations for a lifetime of friendship. We place extra emphasis on teaching our campers, through experience, to value our diverse community.

About Our Yedidut Campers

The application for Yedidut begins early on in the school year. Our Rosh Yedidut (Director of Inclusion) partners with each family and meets with them to discuss their child, including areas of strength and concern. Next, a time is scheduled for the child to be observed in their home environment. Based on the individual assessment, Yavneh develops a plan to foster a successful camp experience. This process takes place prior to the beginning of camp.

To ensure that we achieve an environment where the needs of every camper are met, Yedidut is a limited program. Furthermore, in an effort to make Yedidut a realistic possibility for as wide an audience as possible, there will be no additional charge for this program.