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Packing List

Bunk Storage

Every child is provided with a wooden cubby by their bed. We encourage your child/ren to bring a few favorite possessions including a stuffed animal, special blanket or special photographs to make their summer bunk feel like home. Please note that plastic drawers cannot be transported via the camp’s luggage service. 


For Summer 2022, campers and luggage need to arrive separately. Families have two choices to get their camper’s belongings to camp.

  1. Use the camp’s luggage service for $55 per camper. Campers select a spot throughout the Northeast to have their luggage picked up. For departure and pick up location information, email Tammy Schneider, Camp Registrar.
  2. Campers ship their luggage directly to camp. All luggage must arrive at camp before the first day of camper session.

We limit campers to two duffle bags each (wheeled luggage is suggested), clearly labeled with the camper’s name.  On arrival day, campers may bring an additional small roller bag (think something that can fit in an overhead bin in an airplane) or weekend bag. Please do not use big black trunks since storage space is limited.

Dress Standards

The determination of what is appropriate at camp is solely at the discretion of the camp staff, but there are a few standard rules for campers to follow. Clothes need to cover the midriff and underwear should not be visible outside of clothing. See-through or revealing tops or very short skirts are not allowed at camp. Girls are required to wear one-piece bathing suits or tankini and boys to wear boxer-style suits. Clothing with inappropriate wording or graphics are not allowed and campers will be sent back to their bunk to change.

Please note: Banquet is a highly-anticipated event at camp during the second session and campers are expected to dress up. When choosing clothing with your child/ren, please select items with the dress code in mind.

Shabbat Attire

On Friday evening and Shabbat pants (chinos, etc.) skirts, dresses or nice pants, collar (polo) or button shirts, Nice shoes (or nice sandals)– NO JEANS

Shabbat attire must cover the shoulders and midsection and be neat in appearance. Backless clothing, spaghetti straps and excessively short or tight clothing will not be allowed.

Kippot must be worn on Shabbat, during tefillot and at meals.


Laundry is sent out once a week to an outside service. Clothes are washed, dried, folded and returned to each child in individual laundry bags. If a child loses an article of clothing in the laundry, the laundry service will attempt to find it and, in some instances, a check will be sent from the laundry service for a lost item. In general, Camp Yavneh is not responsible for loss or theft personal belongings. When packing your child, don’t send anything to camp that you would be sad about losing.


It is essential that your child/ren brings sufficient clothing to camp (See packing list below). Campers change their clothes more frequently at camp than at home due to changing temperatures and the variety of activities.

Every child receives two Camp Yavneh t-shirts on opening day. These t-shirts are worn on day trips, game days and picture day. Campers will have opportunities to purchase Yavneh Wear including Camp Yavneh caps, sweatshirts etc. on opening day and during Kolbo store -Kolbo carries travel toiletries if a camper forgets or loses something. This will be charged to your child’s Kolbo  account.

Packing List

This is a suggested packing list for all campers. Individual cubby space is limited, so please pack less rather than more. Every item your child brings to camp MUST be labeled with your child’s full name. Campers should pack the majority of their belongings in two duffels. Campers can bring one small carry-on piece of luggage with them the day they arrive (think something that can fit overhead in an airplane.) On Opening Day, if campers bring an additional large bag, they may be asked to consolidate it as we won’t have enough room in the bunk.  Items in bold are available at Kolbo for replenishment. Pro Tip: Ziploc bags are great for organizing underwear, socks, toiletries, etc.

Items are available at Kolbo for replenishment.

Toiletry Items

       Two toothbrushes
       Toothbrush container
       Soap or body wash & shampoo
       Soap container
       Shower bucket (to carry items to shower)
       Lip balm
       Orthodontic retainer (if applicable)
       Insect repellent
       Insect bite medication

__ Deodorant

__ Nail clippers/nail file

__ Tampons/sanitary pads 


       10-14 pairs of underwear
       10-14 pairs of socks
       10-12 t-shirts
       2-4 long-sleeved shirts
       2 white t-shirts for camp projects
       8 pairs of shorts
       3 pairs of pants (training/jeans)
       4 pairs of pajamas/other sleepwear
       3 sweaters/sweatshirts
       5 bathing suits
       Swim shirt (for UV protection)
       2 hat/caps (for sun)
       1 raincoat/light jacket
       1 pair rain shoes (crocs, boots, etc.)
       2 pairs of sneakers
       1 pair flip flops or shower shoes

Shabbat Clothing

       3-4 outfits (skirts, dresses, nice shorts or nice pants)
       Nice shoes (or nice sandals)

       3-4 collar or button shirts
       3-4 pairs of pants/nicer shorts (ex. khakis or chinos, no jeans)
       1 pair of nice shoes (or nice sandals)

Bedding and Linens

       8 towels (4 beach/4 bath)
       1 blanket
       2 pillow cases
       2 sets of sheets (twin or cot sized)
       1 mattress pad (twin or cot sized)
       1 pillow

__ 1 sleeping bag

Other Necessary Items

       1 XL laundry bag
       1 backpack (for trip day)
       Extra pair eyeglasses/extra contacts
       Small electric fan with a power strip
       2 Water bottle (screw top or canteen)
       Writing paper, envelopes and stamps or self-addressed, stamped envelopes or postcards
       5 kippot*
       Tefellin-labelled with your name**
       Tallit or Tzitzit**

       XL or XXL Ziploc bag for last night of camp extras

*Kippot, hats or baseball caps are worn at all meals and services.

**Male identified campers who have become Bar Mitzvah wear Tallit or Tzitzit and Tefillin. This is optional but encouraged for female-identified campers.

Suggested Items

       Musical instrument & music
       Camera (disposables are great)
       Props for talent show
       Baseball glove, tennis racquet, ping pong equipment
       Swimming goggles
       Hanging shoe bag
       Basket for socks/toiletries comics/magazines/books
       Soccer shin guards
       Indoor games (chess, checkers, cards, Othello, Fluxx, Quiddler, etc.)
       Pictures of family or pets
       1 bathrobe

Do Not Bring to Camp

  • Valuable or sentimental jewelry
  • Expensive electronic devices
  • Food, soda, gum or bottled water
  • Phones (children travelling by bus or plane can bring a phone which will be stored in a safe during camp.)
  • Apple watches (or other smart watches)
  • Sharp-edged tools, such as knives
  • Any projectile devices including air guns, nerf guns or water guns
  • Flammable materials, heaters, air conditioners and heating devices
  • Matches, lighters or fireworks

*Kippot, hats or baseball caps are worn at all meals and services.

**Boys who have become Bar Mitzvah wear Tallit or Tzitzit and Tefellin. This is optional for girls.

COVID-particular items

__ Disinfecting hand wipes

__ Hand sanitizer

__ Cloth Masks (15-20) – Please choose one that your child will be comfortable with. 

__ Disposable Masks – one box of 25 (1 session) or one box of 50 (2 sessions)

__ Two small mesh laundry bags for cloth masks (16” x 12”)

Linen Service

Yavneh offers a linen rental service for $50 a camper. Included in the linen service is two (2) sets of bed sheets, two (2) blankets, one (1) pillow, and three (3) bath towels. Campers should pack beach towels separately.