Camp YavnehCamp Yavneh
תקשורת במחנה

Camp Communication

Camp Contact Information

Camp Office

603-942-5593 or

Camp Summer Office Hours

Sunday – Thursday 9:30 AM- 6:00 PM
Friday 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Shabbat Closed

The Yavneh office closes for Shabbat  between 5:00 pm on Friday to 9:30 pm Saturday. In case of an emergency, please call 617-580-3456 or call the Northwood police department at 603-942-8284 and they will contact camp.

Camp Staff

Jane-Rachel Schonbrun, Director

Netanel Spiegel, COO/CFO

Anat Litwok, Assistant Director

Efrat Assulin, Head of Marketing and Communications

Ali Bluestone, Director of Camper Care

Shore Goldberg, Registrar

Contact Shore for any camper questions including payments, forms, transportation, registration and general camp questions.

Rhonda Lake Cohen, Business Administrator

Contact Rhonda for any questions regarding Accounts Payable, payroll, and general financial questions.

Ethan Naviasky, Operations Coordinator

Michi Rosenhek Zelermyer, Programming Director


Camp Updates

We understand that you are curious about what your child/ren is doing during their time at Camp Yavneh and we offer many ways to stay connected.

  • Eshkolit – Summer Edition is the go-to newsletter for camp updates and activities and is published every month in June, July and August. It includes a message from our director, updates on programs and activities and an article on Jewish life at camp. Once you have registered your child for camp, your email will automatically be on the Eshkolit Summer Edition email list.
  • Camp photos are accessible at our MyCampYavneh app which is only accessible to camp parents.  Roshei Ayda post photos of campers twice weekly. They generally post between 30-75 photos each time. In addition, our camp photographer(s) will post pictures of activities several times a week. These photos are organized under specific folders within the app.
  • During camp, we update our Facebook page everyday, including camp pictures twice a week and daily camp activities updates. Be sure to like our page.
  • We post to our Instagram account on a regular basis. Be sure to follow us.
  • We also publish videos on a weekly basis, including a session memories video at the end of each session on our Facebook page.

Telephone Calls

Campers are allowed to speak with their parents by phone on their birthday. At other times, campers are not allowed phone access. If you have any concerns or questions about your child, please call the camp office at 603-942-5593 or email Ali Bluestone (Head of Camper Care) Molly Goldberg, Rosh Shorashim, Alanna Wolf, Rosh No’ar (Head of Upper Camp) or Bentie Rabinovitch, Rosh Tzeirim (Head of Lower Camp). If it is not an emergency, one of them will return your call within 24 hours. If it is an emergency Jane-Rachel Schonbrun or Netanel Spiegel are also available to answer your questions.

Mail and Email

Children love receiving mail at camp! We encourage you to write to your child/ren as frequently as possible. Please address your camper’s mail as follows:

Camper Name
Camp Yavneh
Bunk Number
18 Lucas Pond Rd
Northwood, New Hampshire 03261

Please note that bunk numbers will be given out on opening day.

In addition to regular mail, campers may receive one email per day (except Shabbat). Emails are printed daily at 10 AM. Due to the large volume of incoming emails, please adhere to a one-page email limit. Please make your emails meaningful and newsy – the kids really look forward to them. Log in to you CampInTouch account to send emails. Emails can only be written in English characters. If you would like to send emails in Hebrew, please send your email to, with your child’s name and bunk number in the subject line. Outgoing email from campers is not available.

Campers are required to write letters home twice a week, so please send self-addressed, stamped envelopes/postcards or envelopes and stamps for your child to use. Outgoing mail from Northwood is notoriously slow so don’t be surprised if you receive multiple letters on the same day. If you are concerned by a lack of detail in your child’s letters please contact Bentie Rabinovitch, Rosh Tzeirim (Head of Lower Camp) or Alanna Wolf, Rosh No’ar (Head of Upper Camp).

Blogs – Bunk Activities

Blogs detailing bunk activities will are written by Roshei Aydah and sent directly to parents via emails.

Care Packages

At Yavneh, campers may only receive letters and padded envelopes up to 9 x 12 . Anything larger, including boxes, or items from Amazon will not be delivered. Due to New Hampshire wildlife, food is not allowed in the bunks and nail polish and gum is not allowed at camp – so please do not send either item to your camper. To ensure compliance, all padded envelopes will be opened for inspection. Pro Tip: Ideas of items that can fit in a padded envelope include newspaper clippings, mad libs, stationery, sports or character cards, pictures, coloring books, bracelets, scented pens, stickers or camp journals.

Campers who celebrate their birthdays at camp may receive one birthday package (box) for their birthday (no food allowed). This package will also be opened and checked for food before being delivered.