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July 03, 2018

Week Two Highlights – Kerem!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Welcome back to the Kerem Blog!

*How many oxford commas appear in this blog post? Stay tuned until the end to find out.

Following opening day and our adventures in the treetops of the Browne Center, Kerem began to prove themselves as the leaders of the Machaneh (camp). Planning and leading Shabbat zemirot (songs), training to be effective counselors, and preparing for a variety of peulot (activities) were among the many leadership opportunities Kerem participated in during this week.

As a nice break from planning and preparing to work with campers, small groups of Kerem competed against each other in a peulah (activity) based off the show British Bake Off. Each group baked cookies given no instructions and few ingredients. In addition, each group constructed a model of an area around camp using graham crackers and a variety of candy. The competition was intense, the cookies were sometimes edible, and the candy models were very creative.

While the weather this Shabbat was very hot, many of us took advantage of the free time by playing sports and then cooling off in the Agam (lake). Furthermore, each Kerem chanich orchanicha (camper) has an assigned mentor in one of their madrichim (counselors) to be used for whatever is necessary. On Shabbat, mentors and mentees meet giving individual Kerem chanichim opportunities to get advice on working with theirchanichim, planning peulot, or how to maximize their opportunities this kayitz (summer).

In preparation for working with younger chanichim (campers), Kerem ran through role plays of various scenarios they could encounter while engaging with their assigned campers. Through these role plays, Kerem learned how to effectively engage with campers and how to dissolve challenging situations. Last night, as the rest of the tzevet (staff) were in aydah (age group) staff meetings, Kerem watched over their tzrifim (bunks), putting what they had learned over the week to good use. While they learned firsthand how difficult being in charge of a bunk can be, each Kerem took the challenge in stride and dealt with restless, rowdy, and difficult campers with ease, surpassing all our expectations.

Though the extreme heat of the last few days has been exhausting, the ruach (spirit) exhibited this past week has been unimpeded as Kerem continues to work hard to make this summer an unforgettable one for us as their madrichim (counselors), the rest of camp, and most importantly, themselves. Engaging in lively singing during random meals, Kerem has helped keep every moment exciting for the rest of camp. Moving forward, our entire aydah is looking forward to an exciting overnight and white water rafting trip on Monday and Tuesday.


Ben, Yael, Dan, Elianna, and Josh