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​השקפת עולם

Mission & Philosophy


Camp Yavneh is committed to providing a K’lal Yisrael experience in a camp environment where all aspects of life reflect Jewish values. A place for Jewish learning and a fulfilling camp experience for all Jewish children.


Yavneh is one of a few Jewish camps not affiliated with a denomination and our families span all backgrounds and affiliations of Judaism. We believe that dedication to the Jewish people, to Israel and to being a member of a Jewish community are essential to pass on our masoretThese values are instilled through day-to-day interactions among madrichim (counselors), chanichim (campers) and tzevet  (staff), and are reflected in camp-wide activities. 

What makes Yavneh unique is our ability to create a cohesive community not separated by differences in practices. We encourage all chanichim to share in our rich Jewish traditions and we help equip them become an active part of the larger Jewish community with a greater respect and understanding of all Jews. This deepens their understanding of Jewish life and traditions, while helping them gain an appreciation for, and understanding of, alternative points of view concerning observance and philosophy. This is essential to fulfilling our hope for the future of a more unified Jewish people.