Camp YavnehCamp Yavneh
Sukkah at sunrise


Camp Yavneh occupies 65 acres on beautiful, spring-fed Lucas Pond. Below you will find details about the facilities and housing areas at Camp Yavneh:



Swim lessons and free swim are popular activities in our Agam. It features a 75-foot dock with three separate swimming areas along with canoes, kayaks, sail boats, Corcls, and WgWams (you have to come to Yavneh to find out what a WgWam and a Corcl are).

Gilboa Amphitheatre

Our outdoor amphitheatre seats 450 in stadium-style seating. Designed to fit into its natural surroundings, it is a beautiful space for religious services and camp ceremonies.


Beit Ha’am

The  Beit Ha'am is our largest space in camp and is used for everything from Havdallah to sports to movies. It is fully equipped with an audiovisual system, ping pong area and a divider to create two smaller gym areas.

The Gottesman Community Center

Beit Midrash

This modern Community Center is centrally located in the heart of camp. The  Beit Midrash includes a spiritual space for prayer and study, a staff lounge and a work room for our educational staff. And if you prefer the outdoors, this building features both a beautiful porch and brick patio.

The Ben Tzvi Theatre

The Ben Tzvi  Theatre is our main performance and assembly hall. Built in 2012, it includes seating for 400 and a state of the art lighting system, the Ben Zvi Theatre has a stage and a projection system for movies and plays and is also used for Shabbat services.


Our updated bunks provide a comfortable home away from home for our campers and counselors with porches and tables to socialize. Bunk size range from 14 to 22 and all have bathrooms with showers conveniently located within the bunk.

Dining Hall

Chadar Ochel

The Chadar Ochel  is a lively dining hall that feeds both the heart and souls of Yavneh campers with delicious and nutritious kosher food. Popular Israeli music and traditional Yavneh tunes are played and meals begin and end with brachot.

Climbing Tower

Kir Tipus

For those seeking adventure, head over to the Climbing Tower. Standing 35 feet tall, it has three different ways to climb and a zip line along with complete safety equipment.

Ninja-Style Obstacle Course


Yavneh’s newest recreational addition is, Etgar where participants navigate through challenging and fun obstacles.

“Marp” - Health and Wellness Center


Three full time nurses and a rotating doctor on staff provide a healthy and safe environment for our campers.

Sports Field

Migrash Sport

There’s always action on the Sports Field. It includes two softball fields, two basketball courts, four tennis courts, a soccer or football field, and a Kangaruach inflatable outdoor trampoline.

Art Center

Mercaz Betzalel

Enter the Art Center  and find campers creating beautiful pieces and many types of media. Aided by our inhouse artists who help develop the inner talent in every one of our campers. The Art Center has specialized space for ceramics, woodworking, glass fusing and many other forms of art.

Alumni Gazebo

Sukkat Bogrim

This screened in outdoor gazebo, overlooks camp and is used for prayer and bunk activities.


Camp history comes to life in this original camp building located in the center of camp and houses a dance studio complete with barre and mirrors.

White Sukkah

Sukkat Levanah

This camp landmark is a common central meeting area at camp and doubles as an extra Ga Ga space.

Camp Store and Post Office


Located next to the Chadar OchelKolbo is the camp store. Campers can pick up their mail , receive special treats, replenish needed supplies and purchase Yavneh wear.

Chadar Musica

Play an instrument? Love music? The Music Room provides the perfect venue for you.

Flagpole Area

Kikar Leah

 Birkot hashachar are recited each day at Kikar Leah. We also recognize campers birthdays in the morning at the flagpole and at the end of the day to take down the flag and sing Hatikvah together.

Play Area


Swings, foursquare, tetherball, and tif tufShigaon  is a happy place for our younger campers.

Back Playing Fields

Sadeh Yarok

Lots of great sports and challenge activities at Sadeh Yarok, the home of our kir tipusEtgar Challenge course and and beautiful firepit to make the camp required smores. This area has a great pavilion to BBQ, or just catch some shade.