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Kaytana is a two-week overnight camp experience for children, currently in 2nd through 5th grade*. This program is for first-time Yavneh campers. Kaytana  offers a warm, nurturing, environment for the novice camper. These campers are completely integrated into the bunk and have the option to stay the full session after their two weeks.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Kaytana.

Q: What is it like as a Kaytana camper?

A: Kaytana campers get the full Yavneh experience just in a shorter time frame. They follow the same schedule as other campers and enjoy the same activities. They will have one to two Achla Yom depending on the calendar.

Q: How does bunking work for Kaytana campers? Are they in their own bunk?

A: At Yavneh, we group campers by the year that they are completing in school, including one session (3.5 weeks)/full season (7 week) and Kaytana campers. Our youngest bunk are children finishing grades 2 and 3 and are bunked together. Kaytana (2 week), one session and full season campers are placed in one bunk together. We have found that mixing up campers this way has proved to be quite successful in creating the community that we aim to provide.

Q: Can my child extend their stay to 3 ½ weeks?

A: Absolutely! This is a three-way conversation/partnership between parents, child and camp. All three must agree that it is a wise choice to stay. Parents may want their child to stay but there are times when the child has had a GREAT experience and is ready to come home. Don’t see this as a reflection of anything bad. Remember, they are young and two weeks can be a long time for some children. They are running around non-stop and the pace can be exhausting for some kids. We want them to want to come back to Yavneh for many summers. There can be anywhere from 30-60% of campers that extend to the full session.

Q: If my child decides to extend, when does the decision get made?

A: All Kaytana families are asked to fill out a Kaytana extension form in the Spring. From there, we generate a list of campers that have the option to extend their stay with us.  After the first week of camp, we will check in specifically about extending camp. Our goal is to make a quick decision. We suggest having a conversation with your child before camp and being clear with how the decision will be made. Otherwise, some kids can get stuck on whether they are staying or not.

*Fifth grade Kaytana is only in second session

Camp Yavneh is amazing! My daughter couldn’t wait to come back for her second summer!

Sara B.
Camper Parent