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July 28, 2016

Kfirim at the “Kerem Karnival!”

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שלום Dear Readers of the Kfirim Blog!

It’s hard to believe that the first week of second session is almost over!

We’ve wasted no time getting right into the swing of things pretty quickly over here. On Monday we chose our morning חוגים (electives) and got tested for swim classes in the אגם (lakPhoto Jul 27%2C 8 04 01 PMe) and thus the routine has been established. In the evening we went on a scavenger hunt journey which took us all the way from the Old City of Jerusalem to the scholarly haven of Yavneh circa the time of the destruction of the Temple. We had a great time and learned a lot too!

On Tuesday we had another great day of jumping on the Kangaruach, playing sports and swimming in the אגם. In the evening we had fajitas for dinner and watched the Kerem play “High School Musical” with the entire camp. It was a great show and we loved singing along to all of the songs.

Wednesday was another sun filled day where we got to do all of our favorite camp things. The highlight of the day came at the end when we had פעולות ערב לפי צריף (evening activities with our bunk). The older Kfirim girls had an epic “Cupcake Wars” activity which challenged them to get creative with different kind of foods. The younger Kfirim בנות had “Erev British” which included high tea, playing Quidditch and learning the choreography of the changing of the guard. The older Kfirim בנים played a game which is essentially a mix of gaga and some other sports. The younger Kfirim בנים had Kfirim olympics complete with medals for the winners!

Today (Thursday) was Kerem Karnival which was REALLY REALLY FUN. The Kerem ran loads of different stations complete with cotton candy and popcorn machines as well as bouncy houses and blow up water slides. We finished the day with free swim and everyone went back to the bunks for shower time tired and happy.

Thanks for reading this week and see you back here on Monday!!!


Aliza and Micah