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July 28, 2016

Today’s the day…. Kerem Cancer walk

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello Parents!

We hope your week has been going great because ours definitely has! 

As many of you know, Tuesday was the מחזה כרם(Kerem Play) which the חניכים (campers) did an amazing job portraying the play High kerem playSchool Musical. They really had such an amazing time and the entire camp loved it!  Watch it here

Yesterday, after a morning filled with an amazing discussion about Israel and planning today’s Kerem Karnival, the afternoon was spent playing dodgeball and having some free swim at the אגם (Waterfront). While many of the פעולות (activities) are planned by the Kerem Staff, the חניכים got the opportunity to plan their own nighttime activity in which they broke off into teams and played a variation of Capture the Flag with glow sticks throughout the entire camp. The night was then capped off with some star gazing, and a bonfire. 

Today the kids are running Kerem Karnival for the younger חניכים, which entails many different stations such as: FacePaint, DunkTank, and many other carnival games they chose. Once today ends, we will get on the bus and head to York, Maine to participate in the York Beach Cancer Walk. We thank those that have already donated, and encourage others to continue to donate and help Kerem reach their goal! You can donate by  Clicking here.

Even if you have already donated, sending out the link and spreading the word to friends and relatives as this is really for a great cause!

Kerem thanks you all for your support and can’t wait for another amazing Shabbat at camp!

-Kerem 2016