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July 28, 2016

“All the World’s a Stage for Aydat Gurim!”

Author - Camp Yavneh

“The theater iIMG_5007s so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.”- Arthur Miller.

This week עדת Gurim had the privilege of watching the Kerem (CIT”s ) theater production of, “High School Musical.” The חניכים got a real kick out of watching their very own beloved Kerem acting and singing on the big stage! We were so inspired by their performance that the next night we all dressed up as different characters from the story. We all looked awesome!

This week we also had a night time פעולה  (activity) of “Capture the Flag, Medieval Style,” where we played the classic game with some really wacky twists, such as superpowers, spells and other fun additions.

Today was the “Kerem Karnival” a longstanding fun-filled tradition at מחנה יבנה! The Kerem take over camp for a day and run an incredible  “אחלה יום” (Awesome Day) carnival.  The חניכים played on inflatable water slides, obstacle courses and even got to watch a performance from the extremely talented “Gary the Clown”. The חניכים were even treated to popcorn and cotton candy. It was an amazing day that the חניכים will not soon forget!


Max and Danni