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August 01, 2016

Kerem “Walks for Hope”!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Boy oh boy: these past few days been incredible. First things first: Kerem Karnival was a huge success. We divided up, planned, and ran stations for the younger campers. From beanbag-slipnslide to face-painting, Kerem put together a fun-filled day for Gurim and Kfirim while also having a blast themselves. After finishing up Kerem Karnival, we jumped back to the bunks to shower and wash the leopards, robots, and flowers off our faces before piling into Ole’ Trusty (read: school bus) to head over to York, Maine for the Walk for Hope.DSCN0836

The Breast Cancer Walk for Hope benefits York Hospital and Kerem attends every year! After arriving, we donned our new, pink, Walk for Hope t-shirts. Word of Kerem 16’s dancing prowess clearly has spread far and wide and even reached the organizers of the walk who invited us up to lead all the participants in some warm-up dancing to Sweet Caroline.

The 2-mile stroll provided relaxing time to chat and bond with Breast Cancer Survivors. Our conversations with the survivors helped us recognize the contribution of our gift as well as provide us with better understanding of what it means to be a Breast Cancer Survivor. Despite a drizzle at the end, we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk. After the closing ceremony—in which York Hospital honored us with gifts to recognize Kerem’s contribution—we hopped back on Ole’ Trusty and finished off the night with a delicious BBQ.

After an exciting (read:  tiring) week, it was nice to step into a relaxing Shabbat which we celebrated with song, dance, and scrumptious meals.

Hey, look over there. What’s that? A bird? A plane? No! It’s Yom Yisrael Katan! Just for the youngest two age groups, Kerem ran an incredible Shuk bringing a taste of Israel (and candy) to Gurim and Kfirim before spending the afternoon ourselves playing football, kickball, and basketball.

Thank you again to all those who contributed to the York Hospital Breast Cancer Walk for Hope and make sure to stay tuned for another exciting week as we visit Boston and prepare for Rikudiyah.