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August 01, 2016

Kfirim Celebrates Yom Yisrael!

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Shalom Kfirim Blog Followers!

We’ve had an eventful weekend since we last updated you on the life and times of our Kfirim משפחה (family).

After the fun of Kerem Karnival, our week wound down to a sunny FridayPhoto Jul 27%2C 8 35 55 PM. We prepared a special video for Yom Yisrael (Israel Day) which took place later in the weekend and spent some time on the אגם (lake) having a blast in the water.

Shabbat was just as magical as it always is, starting with weekly pizza נישנוש (snack) before shower time. We all came down to מפקד (flagpole) dressed in our nice clothes and ready to welcome in the Shabbat with songs and hugs. The weather was lovely and we all enjoyed the Kabbalat Shabbat prayer service in the golden light of the setting sun.

Good food was eaten, zmirot were sung, and stories were told. All in all nothing can beat Shabbat at Camp Yavneh. A highlight for us actually came right after Havdallah ended during ריקודי עם (Israeli Dance) when we got to stay for a few more dances than usual with the older age groups.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was also Yom Yisrael! We ate Shakshuka for breakfast and spent the afternoon doing all sorts of activities relating to Israel and learning about Israel. We walked part of שביל ישראל(the Israel Trail) and learned Israeli songs. In the evening we had a special פעולת ערב where we learned all about different cities in Israel.

Today was a good day on the whole. It was a little drizzly but we still managed to fit in lots of fun activities like the slip n’ slide and volleyball. It was our dear Aaron’s birthday and we’ve all had a great time celebrating with him. In addition we’ve gotten busy preparing for both Rekudia (a big night of Israeli dance) and KTV (a camp-wide lip syncing competition organized by Kerem). Our theme for KTV is musicals and I’m sure we’ll have more details for you on how we do in our next blog!!

See you all back here on Thursday!


Aliza and Micah