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August 01, 2016

Gurim Celebrates Yom Yisrael!

Author - Camp Yavneh
Time had moved faster than normal this past eek and before we could press pause, שבת (Shabbat) had already arrived. The multitude of פעולות (activities) had us spinning.  For a quick reprieve; we did ceramics, bracelet making, practice for ריקודיה (dance festival) GaGa, tetherball, ping pong, jumping on the Kangarauch (inflatable trampoline) soccer, basketball and jumping into the אגם (lake). This helter skleter pace could not be maintained and so as evening approached on Friday, we let our minds rest from all the noise of the regimented week. All of  מחנה יבנה  (camp Yavneh) came together to daven, siPhoto Jul 28%2C 8 05 03 PMng ruach filled נגונים (melodies) and eat extraordinary food. Many of us found our own best method of resting, whether it be napping,  board games, sports with friends or taking a dip in the אגם. In the afternoon Aydat Gurim learned about the importance of leadership from our מורים (teachers) in honor of the פרשה this week, פנחס. Finally in the evening מחנה Yavneh came back together to have multiple rounds of spirited dancing during our הבדלה (separation ceremony) as we exited Shabbat.
Starting of strong this week, Gurim has the immense pleasure to celebrate יום ישראל (Israel day). This day has been packed to the brim with many different explorations into the cultural, religious, linguistic, and historical identities of our modern state of Israel. Yavneh is very thankful of the משלחת (Israeli deligation) who worked hard to create videos, dance routines, cooking demos, and interactive education experiences. This fabulous day will end in a magnificent טקס (ceremony) tonight, which will contain many different presentations about Israel.
Looking farther into the week, Gurim can hardly wait to experience our “camp out” this month. With the goal of instilling a new appreciation for the beauty of nature and learning the skill sets needed to go out and become immersed in it. Our מדריכים (counselors) will lead us in tent building, bon- fire making, food preparations and camping games.
Just like that, aydat Gurim is dashing and darting around the מחנה again, no time to rest with all the things that are happening around us!!!