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July 27, 2017

First Week of Arayot

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom dear readers of the Arayot blog!

We have had an exciting few days, getting into the swing of things this session.

Monday night the banim (boys) had Erev Tzaharayim, which means “Afternoon-Evening”. They basically mimicked an average afternoon at camp, except abbreviated… and at night. They played three different sports games and ate snack and then all went back to the bunk to shower and go to bed. It was a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, the banot (girls), had Erev Groovy Smoothy. They were divided into groups and competed against each other to create the yummiest, most creative smoothy possible. Their finished product was graded on qualities like

 presentation, taste and consistency. They presented their creations to the judges (the madrichot) with written descriptions and tied it into camp and the camp mission.

Tuesday marked the first day of sadna, a new camp initiative for afternoon activities. The aydah divided up into baking, improv, and other intensive workshops. That same afternoon the banot helped to make dessert for the entire camp and the banim spent a fun afternoon playing mat ball. Tuesday evening we had a peulah (activity) with the morim (teachers) where we learned about this summer’s camp theme: Al Tikrei Banayich Elah Bonayich, which means “Call them not your children, call them your builders”. Talk to your kiddos at the end of the summer for more details on what that means.

Wednesday afternoon the banim had a dodgeball tournament, and the banot played kickball and had free swim. In the evening there was a Murder Mystery Theatrical Event that all of upper camp attended. It was thrilling!

The session is off to a great start and we can’t wait to update you on more of the fun things we are doing here at Yavneh.


Aliza and Will