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July 27, 2017

First Week of Leviim!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom l’kulam!!!

Do you know where your children are right now? I do!!! As I am writing this, all of our beloved Leviim chanichim (campers) are at their different sadnaot! Sadna is Yavneh’s newest programming initiative. Some of the sadnaot include: Fencing, basketball, cooking, drums, waterskiing, survival, and golf. So far, our chanichim are loving sadna and are having a great time learning so many new skills.

This first week of 2nd session have been a blast. A little rain earlier in the week didn’t stop the boys from doing a great improv class while the girls had yoga. For our peulat erev (evening activity) on Monday night, our chanichim dressed up like 5-year-olds for Erev Kindergarten!! We got to do finger painting, macaroni art, story time, coloring, and block building, before ending with some clean-up time and a few children’s shows. It was a hilarious and fun night for all.

On Tuesday night, our chanichim had a really amazing and educational peulah chinuchit (educational activity). Each one of them was given a passport to fill with different political opinions about Israel. Then, based on who most agreed with who, they formed political parties and established a coalition government for themselves, modeling the way the actual Knesset (Israeli parliament) works. It was a really great night of experiential learning and thought.

Wednesday was full of some great times on the Kangaruach, and we even got to start learning our Rikudiyah dance!! In the evening we competed in a murder mystery challenge, which was won by our very own aydat Leviim!! Wooo!!!

Today isn’t over yet, but it’s been jam packed full of awesome stuff. It’s Kerem Karnival, which means bouncy things, games, and of course food. We ate pizza bagels for lunch after the boys had a dodgeball tournament with Maalot and the girls had their first powderpuff football practice with the Maalot banot. We are super looking forward to a restful Shabbat, and another amazing week next week!!!!


Ravi and Sarah