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July 03, 2018

Week Two Highlights – Kfirim!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Kfirim Blog Readers,

Wow! What a jam packed week it’s been!

Picking up from where I left off last week, last Tuesday, the afternoon peulot (activities) were free swim, hockey, and soccer for the banot (girls) and free swim, teva (nature), and kangaruach for the banim (boys). The peulat erev, run by the morim (teachers), was an introduction to this summer’s theme Hazorim bedimah b’rina yiksoru which means “those who plant with tears, will reap happiness.”

Wednesday was a sports filled day! We had a regular morning, but in the afternoon, we had our first ever Yom Meyuchad (Special Day). Each aydah (unit) in camp had a different theme and programming run by the madrichim (counselors). Kfirim’s Yom Meyuchad was Yom Olympics. We split the aydah into four countries by color, and each team had to name their country, come up with a national anthem, a language, and some of their country’s history. Each team competed in multiple events such as knockout, fishy fishy cross my ocean on the Kangaruach, ultimate frisbee, tag, and four treasures. We had our closing ceremony by the Toren (flagpole) where we announced the winner and gave everyone paper crowns to celebrate their victories from the afternoon. For their peulat erev (evening activity), the whole camp participated in Erev Sport. It was run by Aydat Maalot and we competed in many different sports activities. Our banim (boys) got the highest amount of points than all the other bunks in camp, so their grand prize was being the first bunk ever to go on the brand new AquaKef!

To balance out our very sporty day, Thursday was a rainy day, so their afternoon activities consisted of Zimriyah practice, Omanut (Art), and Rikud (Dance). Zimriyah is a singing competition coming up next week, and we introduced our three songs to them. Our Shir Chasidi is called At At by the Miami Boys Choir, our Shir Yisraeli is called Geulah by Hemi Rudner, and our Shir Aydah is to the tune of From Now On from The Greatest Showman. Our peulat erev was Erev Shigaon where they did lots of crazy activities.

On Friday, the banim finally got to go on the AquaKef!! They had so much fun sliding down the slide, jumping off the top of the climbing wall, getting launched on the launcher, and jumping from place to place. The banot had free swim and are waiting patiently for their turn on the AquaKef! We had another Zimriyah practice and then got ready for our first Shabbat together! We brought in Shabbat with ReleSh (Ruach Lifneh Shabbat) and Kabbalat Shabbat in Gilboa. We concluded with a delicious dinner and Zemirot (singing).

Shabbat was a very relaxing day! We started with tefillot and then the chanichim had lots of free time! It was a very hot day, so many of them went in the Agam to cool off! After Havdallah, the chanichim went back to the tzrifim (bunks) with Kerem (CITs) which is always fun for them!

Sunday, the afternoon peulot consisted of free swim, Zimriyah practice, and friendship bracelet making for the banot and Etgar and frisbee for the banim. The peulat erev was Erev Clue where the chanichim ran around camp to different locations wearing stick on mustaches and solving riddles.

Monday was Achla Yom (trip day)! Our plan was to go to Opechee Beach, but due to high bacteria levels in the water, we instead went with Arayot to Weirs beach. The view was beautiful, the water was nice and warm, the weather was great, and the chanichim had so much fun in the water! We returned back to camp for a BBQ dinner and we spent the evening preparing for the Gefen/Kfirim Talent show happening Tuesday night! Each tzrif (bunk) has their own act they will perform in addition to any individual or small group acts.

Looking ahead at this week, we are super excited to celebrate July 4th at camp with a parade, fireworks, cupcakes, and a Let’s Make a Deal Gameshow that is new to camp this year!

Thank you for checking in with Kfirim! Stay tuned for more fun adventures!