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August 09, 2018

Tor Tochnit with Michi

Author - Camp Yavneh

What a week for chanichim! Starting off the week with trip day was a great way for each ayda to experience the different facets of New Hampshire’s natural beauty:

Our oldest and youngest chanichim left camp together in another successful Ma-Gu-Pu (Maalot-Gurim-Peulah). Hiking close-by Saddleback Mountain and picking blueberries further north was a perfect way to spend a beautiful sunny day. By the end of the week they’ll be baking and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Gefen was able to enjoy New England wildlife at Stone Zoo, and Kfirim also toured a natural setting science center/zoo at Squam Lake after hiking and taking in the incredible views, eating lunch atop Rattlesnake Mountain. Meanwhile, Arayot found their way to the SEE Science Center, played around in interactive exhibits, and also enjoyed the gorgeous day at Livingston Park, playing sports and generally chilling out. Leviim started indoors at the skating rink, but moseyed outdoors to the beach for the afternoon. And even busy-Kerem (at that time in the throes of planning Maccabiah) managed to get in a game of mini-golf at Chuckster’s…talk about a New Hampshire landmark!

But beauty can be found not only in physical spaces and places, but also in moments. And there have been a number of those moments too this week.

The beauty behind eight camps coming together to celebrate Israel’s 70th through song and dance at Jewish Artsfest 2018 was quite astounding. Our Leviim and Maalot chanichim represented the Machaneh in perfect relation to the values and mission of this camp: in Hebrew, with mindful intention and lots of rehearsing, with smiles and inclusivity. They worked really hard to show many others how connected we feel to the Jewish homeland in Israel – its culture, its ancient traditions and its modern vibe. I was so so so proud to say that this was my camp after their performance!

Another beautiful moment this week happened as many of our younger chanichim put on a fabulous camp production of Melech Ha’Arayot, The Lion King. Through much dramatic and musical coaching and rehearsals, and resourceful and beautiful costume design, they pulled together a camp musical performance that had us all on our feet by the curtain call). Kol Hakavod to all our campers who made a commitment, followed it through, and wowed us all.

Lastly, chuggim finished up this week as we rolled into a different pace and schedule, making room for much-loved and anticipated Maccabiah. Chanichim have baked and molded and danced and paddled and served and climbed and thrown and caught and fished and played…and that’s the everyday beauty of kayitz at Machaneh Yavneh. We are certainly so lucky that our chanichim are experiencing and enjoying a summer in New England, closer to bugs and trees and fields than they likely do at home. And we are even luckier, because they are making their own beauty all the time at Yavneh – through artwork, yachasim tovim, friendship, and kehillah-building. Kayitz 2018 has been wild!