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June 28, 2018

Tochnit Tor

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom, Machaneh Yavneh!

How incredible this week has already been…for our tzevet (staff) and our chanichim (campers). This is my first kayitz (summer), and I have to say that my favorite part of the day is doing my morning walk-through to make sure everyone is busy, happy and engaging in learning, active peulot (periods), and kef (fun)!

Every child chose chuggim (electives) and has been busy at work and at play with the specialists and madrichim teaching the specialties! The baseball diamonds are packed and the tennis courts are busy. The Agam (waterfront) is hopping with swimmers and sailors, and Omanut (art) and Keramika (ceramics) are filled with creativity. Performance spaces are bustling hubs of activity with actors, singers, dancers and yogis enjoying their interests. We’ve even got a fencing chug this week, paired with a circus chug next week. Morning and afternoon, the camp is crawling with groups of chanichim enjoying the outdoors in teva (nature), on Kir Tippus and Etgar challenge (climbing wall and outdoor obstacle course) and on the kangaruach (bouncy jumper). There’s something for every type of chanich/chanicha!

The incredibly creative and super fun peulot erev (evening activities) are entertaining and build up our kehillah, either by tzrif (bunk), ayda (section), or full camp. Last night’s Erev Sport (Sport Night) had EVERY SINGLE CHILD moving and shaking to win the competition for their tzrif...with a very special prize to be announced!

But what can only be experienced by being here, is the ruach at every meal in the Chadar Ochel, the compassion and care I see everyday between madrichim and chanichim, the in-between moments that are filled with shira (song) and rikkud (dance), and the incredible way that our madrichim are taking care of your children. We know that we have your most prized and valuable assets with us for two weeks or a month or a season…and we all take that responsibility very seriously. We are not wasting time. We are jumping right in. And we’ve got your kids covered so that we all have the kayitz of a lifetime!