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August 09, 2018

Madrichim Mitzayanim

Author - Camp Yavneh

Jonah – Jonah from the start has been a mitztayen. He always knows what to do, and takes incredible initiative. He knows his kids’ needs and is extremely sensitive to anything that comes his way. Throughout the summer, he has been especially supportive to a struggling camper – we thank you for that. He always steps up and is willing to help out. The first night at the highland center, he took a huge leadership role with the food – he was a rockstar! Thanks for all you do! RAKATATITI – Jonah!!!

Elan – Elan spelled with an E has put the E in Excellent counseling. WowEEEEE! EEEElan is always the first to step up and volunteer for any tasks small or large. He is also Eeeextreeeemely Reeeliable when it comes to handling any campers or conflicts. EElan does all this while simultanEEously crafting silly and meaningful relationships with his kids (and cos). Whether handling messy bunks or poopy pants EElan Is always a Smileeee madrich. Mazal Tov, EEElan!

Lily – Lily is an amazing counselor. She truly knows all of her girls, and loves making individual connections. She is always willing to help out, while also giving the ayda her special “cool factor.” She is excellent in everything that she does – thank you for you amazing work – RAKATATITI – LILY.

Jess K. –  Jess is an all-star! She always advocates for the needs of her chanichot, manages their quirks, and balances their dynamic like a pro! Jess’ love for her chanichot is so clear, she will do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy, even if it means going on a mid-lunch manhunt. Jess brings light and goofiness to her bunk, the girls, and the whole ayda!

Sarah P. – Sarah has been unbelievable! She somehow manages to keep the biggest smile on her face and be incredibly supportive to all her kids and cos. It is so amazing to watch her creativity with all her chanichim – she’ll even let her kids play with her hands to keep them engaged in a peulah. Even with egregious life guarding inequality Sarah continues to guard with high spirits. Plus she’s never distracted by her younger brother and co counselor Noam. Mazel tofu, wait no mazel tov!

Hadar – Hadar is a champ! She is always making sure that her campers have what they need to succeed. Last Shabbos she walked with a camper to make sure they found a group and stuck with them. Hadar is so caring and it is amazing to watch her interact with both campers and cos. She gives the best hugs and can always be counted on to brighten anyone’s day. Hadar helped plan a killer Yom Yisrael and Gefen would not be the same without her!