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June 26, 2018

Maalot June 26th Blog: The First Few Days of Camp

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Hello parents and readers of the Maalot blog!

My name is Ravi, and in case you haven’t met me before, I’m the Rosh for Aydat Maalot. Hi! It’s so nice to meet you via this computer screen! Imagine my firm handshake, reassuring smile, and appropriate amount of eye contact. Then, imagine yourself feeling reassured that your child is in good hands for the summer. I’ll be writing this blog every week, so you can count on getting a (somewhat) accurate recap of the past week’s events.

The first day of camp was awesome! I was literally walking between the boys bunk on the Agam (lake) and the girls bunk at the foot of the girls area smiling my cheeks off. It brings me such joy to see all of the chanichim (campers) reuniting and reconnecting. Our first peulah (activity) was a panoply (different from panopoly, which isn’t a word), which included trivia on the madrichim (counselors) and myself, and ended with a dance party! After a long day of moving in we all went back to the tzrifim (bunks) to go to bed.

Monday (the first REAL day of camp) was even better. In fact, it’s well documented that each successive day of camp is better than the previous one. Our wonderfully mature Maalot chanichim jumped right into meltzing (waiting tables in the Chadar Ochel, or dining hall), meltzing all three meals on Monday. They also met with Kristi, the director of the Maalot play, for the first time, to begin to audition for their theatrical experience. I would tell you what the play is, but I don’t actually know! What I do know is that it is some combination of one-act comedies, and that our chanichim had a great time playing drama games.

On Monday night, the girls got to have a paint night experience and painted canvases of the Agam. The boys played battleships (literally, they sunk each others boats in the Agam), and overall had a fantastic time. As I write this, they are all fast asleep, tired out after a couple days that felt like much longer.

That’s all for now folks! Hope you hear from me soon!


Ravi Brenner