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June 26, 2018

Leviim June 26th Blog: The First Few Days of Camp

Author - Camp Yavneh
Leviim parents and loved ones,
Hakshivu hakshivu nah, Kayitz 2018 has begun! Welcome to the Leviim blog. Here we will fill you in on what your kids have been up to at the beautiful Machaneh we call Yavneh.
We started the summer with some rain, but we didn’t let that stop us. After some bunk rules and ice breakers, we had an improvisational Peulat Erev because of the geshem (rain). Going back to basics, we played name games and fun activities like Duck Duck Goose, Crockadilly Oh My, Capayim, and Reverse Indian Chief. We ended the night with a giant ma’agal (circle) playing one big game of Capayim. We had a blast!
The next morning after our slumber, we went to Mifkad (the flag pole) to start the day. After Tefillot, we had a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs and hash-browns. Needless to say the hash browns were a hit. We cleaned the bunk for nikayon, and then we were off to our first peulah (period). We went to our kitot (classes), then chug (elective), and then had instructional swim at the Agam (lake).
After lunch and Shaat Menuchah (rest hour), the banot went to the Agam to boat on the water while the banim played kickball and/or had our obstacle course called Etgar. We had some delicious Nish Nush (snack) and then were off to Rikud (dance) with Marcelo. We didn’t want to stop! All sweaty, we returned to the bunks for shower time.
After dinner, the banot (girls) and banim (boys) split up for their Peulot Erevs (night time activities). The banot had Erev kIMPOSSIBLE where they were blindfolded and had to complete seemingly impossible tasks. Tasks included riddles, formations, scooters races, and flip the tarp. They LOVED it. We ended the night with a celebratory dance party.
The banim were split up into small groups. They had to work together to make cheers, pass the jump room, stack cards and
play an epic game of capture the flag. We ended the night on our beautiful new porch with twinkling lights and snacks to discuss what the night was about. Now that we are in Leviim, we must work together to ensure that Kayitz 2018 will be the best one yet. The new porch Yavneh has gifted us personifies our coming together as an Aydah (age group). This is our step to becoming a true Mishpacha (family).
That’s all for now…
Jonathan Gomolka (Rosh)