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July 17, 2018

Maalot Blog – End of First Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello people who are interested in what my 15-year-olds are doing…

Ahhhh!!!! Lightning is currently striking all around me! My Wifi could go down any minute!! But have no fear! As I speak the Maalot Chanichim are entertaining literally all of the campers younger than them! Today was supposed to be a mini Maccabiah, planned entirely by aydat Maalot. And they did a great job planning! Just happens to be that 20 minutes into the day, the sky opened up. So we moved everybody inside, and our creative and energetic campers are taking everything in stride, helping keep everyone in camp safe and happy during this crazy storm.

This week has been packed! Let me tell you about it. Zimriyah was a blast. Our fearless chanichim sang beautifully, but unfortunately did not place for any of their songs. Don’t worry though! They had such good attitudes about it, and I’m so proud of them for how they reacted. Despite not winning, they chanted all through the night, and nearly all of them told me that it was the most fun that they had ever had at Zimriyah. Just going to show you that winning really isn’t everything, and that these chanichim have the most Yachas Tov (positive attitude) out there.

After Zimriyah was over, we poured a lot of energy in preparing for the Maalot play, which happened last night. The play was silly (it was a comedy) and well put together, even though we had a relatively short time to prepare all of our cues and lines. In order to prepare for the play, we spent all of Sunday in camp instead of going out on an Achla Yom. Still, we had a great day, watching the world cup final, eating lunch with the Yavneh board, and hanging around camp. Even being stuck in camp couldn’t stop out chanichim from having a good time!

Sadly, today is the last day of the session, and we’re very sad to be saying goodbye to some of our chanichim 🙁 We can’t wait to see them again next summer. For the ones staying full session, we’re looking forward to another great month of Yavneh fun.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer!


Ravi Brenner