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July 17, 2018

Kfirim Blog – End of First Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Kfirim Blog Readers,

Kfirim had an amazing last week of first month! Last Tuesday, we had an incredible Achla Yom at the movies seeing Incredibles 2. We spent half the day at the movies and the other half of the day perfecting our Zimriyah songs. The next morning we woke up ready to shine in our performance of our three Zimriyah songs. Though aydat Kfirim is small in number, we brought a huge amount of ruach (spirit) to Zimriyah. Our Shir Chasidi and Shir Aydah both placed 3rd, and our Shir Yisraeli placed second. Overall we were thrilled to place third over some tough competition!  The chanichim worked so hard and they truly made me and their madrichim so proud!

For peulat erev (evening activity) on Thursday night the banot had Erev DIY (Do It Yourself). During this peulat erev the girls enjoyed each other’s company while working on a few do-it-yourself projects. Each girl spent time creating a sparkly snow globe as well as some neon colored slime. The banim had a high energy night during their rafter ball tournament. Balls were flying everywhere as the boys competed to see who was the rafter ball champion of Aydah Kfirim.

For the last Shabbat of first month, Aydat Kfirim got to experience tefillot as upper camp to give them a preview. Chanichim got to choose between an shivyoni (egalitarian tefillah) and a mechitzah minyan (traditional teffilah) for their final shacharit of first session.  Everyone got to be a part of a Torah service for the exciting double parashat hashavua of Matot Masei. Those who chose to go to the egaletarian minyan even got to participate in a heated trivia game called “Oy Vey” lead by Rosh Machaneh Bil Zarch.

Our one night overnight was a real highlight for all of Kfirim. Sunday morning we packed up and headed off Gunstock Mountain Resort. We first visited the adventure park, which had bungee jumping on an outdoor trampoline, a mountain rollercoaster, summer tubing, boating in a pond, and a really cool adventure ropes course with multiple elements in the trees. At the end of the day, we headed to our campsite where we set up our tents, and the chanichim got to swim in a nearby pool.  We then had a delicious bbq dinner, sat around the campfire and ate s’mores and then exhausted, we all headed to sleep in our tents under the stars. We woke up for a nice breakfast that included scrambled eggs with veggies, freshly made pita, cereal, and bagels!

Overall it has been an exciting month in Aydah Kfirim. While we are sad to say goodbye to our friends leaving in a few days, we can’t wait for all the excitement of second session.