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August 10, 2017

Maalot Aug 10th Updates – Basketball Tournament, Play Practice and more!

Author - Camp Yavneh


Tuesday was the day of the annual intercamp varsity basketball tournament. Five Maalot banim (boys) played on the team – Ari Winton, Jesse Sivan, Nadav Konstantine, Benji Hoff, and Sammy Platovsky – and they led their team to second place. The tournament started early in the morning and was played against Camp Bauercrest, Camp Tevya, Camp Ramah Palmer, and Camp Young Judea. At night, each tzrif (bunk) started KTV practice. KTV is a Kerem-run lipsyncing competition between all of the tzrifim at Yavneh, and it is tonight! That night, Bil treated Maalot to a surprise delicious home cooked meal of marinated chicken, slow cooked beans, and rice. One chanich, Nate Herman, called it “scrumptious.”

Yesterday was our Achla Yom (trip day). In the morning, we had play practice for our Maalot play, Once Upon a Mattress, which is this afternoon. In the afternoon, the thirteen chanichim (campers) who are training to become lifeguards left with Estelle, Rosh Agam, to train at the Health Club of Concord pool. Meanwhile, the remaining twenty-two chanichim headed to New Castle Commons, a nearby beach. At the beach, there was a playground where we played the innovative game, Wood Chips. Wood Chips is a modified version of tag where the person who is “it” has to keep their eyes closed. If they hear anyone walking on wood chips, they can scream “wood chips!” and the person who they heard becomes the next “it,” or, “wood chipper,” if you will. We returned to camp and met up with the lifeguards for a barbecue, where we celebrated Shira Pemstein’s birthday with a delicious cake. Then, we had a surprise continuation of our achla yom at the University of New Hampshire outdoor pool. We played in the pool until late at night and returned to camp tired out and ready for bed.

Today, we are rehearsing our play and we can’t wait to perform it for the rest of Yavneh this afternoon. Tonight we are excited to (hopefully) win KTV.


Josh and Helen