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April 21, 2021

Kol Yavneh: Saul Amkraut (K’16)

Author - Camp Yavneh

Growing up at camp the Agam was always a special place. What makes the Agam so special is the many activities that are available and that take place. I have many great memories from the Agam. From everyday greeting Estelle with the phrase that has been carried on for generations to hearing that my bunk either had the trampoline or another fun activity, to playing with my friends in Arissah Alef, the Agam has always been one of my favorite places at camp. Using those experiences from my childhood as a camper makes it even more special being S’gan Agam for the second time. The Agam is the place where I, and countless others over generations, learned to become a lifeguard, following in footsteps to teach campers how to swim. The most exciting thing to happen to the Agam is the arrival of the AquaKef, an inflatable obstacle course that I have overseen for the past couple of years in the maintenance of the AquaKef. I can see myself in my campers as I tell them that it was their turn to have the AquaKef and the joy that I see in their faces is the reason that I am a counselor and a lifeguard. Though it is very stressful with all the moving pieces going around on the Agam, I am grateful for the experience watching over everyone and making sure that everyone is safe. The Agam is one of the best places in camp and is an integral part of what makes Yavneh so great, and it will continue to provide the experiences that I had, to countless other campers.