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March 18, 2021

Eshkolit: COVID FAQ March 19

Author - Camp Yavneh

Q: Will you require testing before campers arrive at camp? What about testing throughout the season?


Yes, we intend to use testing as a strategy of keeping COVID out of camp all together, and/or catching it as early as we can. Please note that our testing protocol is based on what we know TODAY, and testing protocols are subject to change. 


With guidance from the State of New Hampshire and our COVID Task Force, we will administer PCR (molecular) testing and require the following testing protocols for this summer:

  1. Every camper or staff member will take a PCR test within 5 days prior to arrival – camp will help facilitate this process, and the lab report results will have to be sent to camp in advance of opening day. More information to follow. NOTE: ONLY THOSE WITH NEGATIVE RESULTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO COME IN ON OPENING DAY. Anyone with a positive test will be advised on a case-by-case basis about the timeline for your child to be able to be admitted to camp.
  2. We will administer a PCR test upon arrival at camp.*
  3. We will administer a PCR test 5 days after arrival.*


* When a test is administered at camp, results will be shared with both camp and the family by the lab directly. *

If the lab alerts us to a positive test result, we will isolate the camper immediately and go through our positive case quarantine protocols for their pod (bunk)/cohort (ayda). We will be in touch with the families of the affected camper/s (who tested positive) immediately to arrange for camper pickup, as per NH state guidelines.

We also reserve the right to test campers if symptoms pop up throughout the summer season. These may be rapid tests or PCR tests, at the discretion of the medical staff. Any positive results will be shared with the families directly.


Q: Will staff be vaccinated? Will staff require testing?

Thanks to the work of the American Camping Association and the CDC, camp staff have been classified in the same category as  other essential childcare workers for vaccine distribution. We are actively encouraging and helping our staff get vaccinated – this is happening at different speeds in different states as per state guidelines of phased vaccination rollout. It is our hope that all our staff will be vaccinated before the summer starts (unless a health concern prevents them from doing so).


Staff will be arriving to camp for Orientation as usual, which fulfills the need to quarantine as per NH state recommendations. They, like the campers, will have to test before coming to camp and send a negative test result to camp in advance of their arrival. They, too, will go through the entry day test as well as the 5 day in test to ensure the health of our staff before campers even arrive to camp.