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July 20, 2017

Kerem – July 20th Updates!

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*For the following paragraph please imagine me in one of those frilly medieval costumes speaking in Olde English*

O faythful readers! This lowly servant, but a humble Jew, is surely inadequate to pen the tales of the great champions of Kerem One Seven. By the winged raven’s call, as the calls of m’lord and m’lady resonate through our chambers twixt night and dawn, we have nary a moment to waste before the true festivities begin. But soft! Upon the door to the Hall of Aromas, the squire has left a scroll. Could this be? In the finest ink, adorned with gold and born on the wings of eagles, none other than the great deeds of our banshees and barons! Gather ’round the flame, sweet company, that we may recount the raggle taggle tales enshrined within.

Not bad, huh? Been working on that for awhile. The Hall of Aromas is something my friends and I made up for that voice. It’s not always a good thing but the usual shtick is that it’s not prepared for the company and the Lord is upset at the Squire for not preparing it for the guests. So that’s a little about that. You can just read this blog with whatever internal monologue voice you usually use (do you use my voice or yours? Weird to think about).

Anyway, on Monday the morning went how it usually does: mifkad (flag raising and prayer saying and Hebrew word learning), tefillot (prayer), aruchat boker (breakfast), nikayon (cleaning up the tzrif (bunk)), and morning peulot (activities). In the morning Kerem usually help lead chugim (electives), but our machazeh (play, Damn Yankees) was the next day so we only had kitah (class) and then chazarah (practice). We had that chazarah basically all afternoon and evening for two full dress rehearsals. We went to bed and dreamed about a bunch of our lines or something. Sorry I usually have something better there but I’m about to be late to lunch and I saved this part for last.

Tuesday we forged through a long morning of final tweaks, curtain calls, and pizza for lunch to arrive at our first play performance for Gurim (8-10 year old chanichim (campers)) and Arayot (13 year old chanichim)! The chanichim rocked the show and really gave it their own touch. By the end the show was an absolute blast and performed to perfection. For those of you who saw our live streamed performance, you can confirm that the machazeh was hilarious. Like so funny. The kids rocked it and most of the hilarity that ensued was because of how they made it their own. Wow what a day awesome job.

Wednesday was Achla Yom (our day of alternative scheduling often including trips out of camp)! We stayed in camp to have a lot of chazarah for Zimriyah (our three song per aydah (age group) singing competition happening TONIGHT!!! (Who will win? Will it be us? I don’t know – tune in to find out) interspersed with a viewing of Coach Carter as a manhigut (leadership) activity. The chanichim reflected on the importance of excellence and the victory within. It was this writers first viewing and I thought it was awesome.

We ended the day with an awesome game of Top Chef where Kerem split into teams to compete in making the best appetizer, main meal and kinuach (dessert) after going a scavenger hunt to find cooking ingredients. The fried Oreos were the bomb and the winning entree was something we called “sour noodles.” Nothing sour was given as an ingredient but sometimes you need to accept the mystery.
Today we awoke to a morning with our final Zimriyah practices before the big event. Tune in tonight on Yavneh’s Facebook page (or drive on down to camp in person!!) to see your spawn kick booty!!

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