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July 20, 2017

Gurim – July 20th Updates!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Gurim has had so much fun these past few day!

On Monday night, Gurim and their Maalot buddies spent the evening at the Fischer Cats baseball game in Manchester, NH. Everyone had great ruach during the game holding their spirited signs and enjoyed a yummy snack too. It was overall a great night and the perfect surprise.

Tuesday was a typical morning schedule followed by afternoon full of excitement. We watched the dress rehearsal of the Kerem play and then reviewed our songs for Zimriyah. At night, we tie-dyed shirts for the entire aydah to wear Thursday night. There was so much creativity with all the designs and everyone had a great night.

Wednesday we had our first Zimriyah practice with the band and we sounded AMAZING! We cooled down after a hot morning in the Agam and got ready for our exciting treat – seeing Despicable Me 3. Although we originally told them we were going to the Museum of Museums, they were happily surprised to see the movie. We came back to camp for a yummy Achla Yom BBQ and then had a night full of fun outside games and the Kangaruach.

Today, we recorded our Zimriyah songs and are so pumped for tonight!

While first session is coming to an end, we reflect on how much fun we had this session. Our chanichim are so much fun and have so much energy and we only wish them the best for the rest of the summer

And to those who are getting excited for second session, we can’t wait either!


Mandy and Cooper