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July 21, 2016

Kerem is Giving Back to the Community!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear חברה,

This past week has flown by for Kerem ’16. But like they always say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Kerem has worked tirelessly on זמריה, coordinating all hand motions (choreography for the songs), arranging harmonies (which sound amazing, by the way), and organizing the grand Kerem entrance into the זמריה event. We are sure that all of their hard work will pay off tonight in their performance.

Kerem has alsokerem pic been very dedicated to community service. Earlier this week, the חניכים(campers) cleaned up a memorial garden by the אגם (lake), which is a Kerem מנהג (custom). Although the weeding and gardening took longer than expected, the חניכים of course sang and danced through the process, making this a fun and memorable experience. The חניכים also made a trip to the “fairy farm,” a local Northwood animal farm, where the kids took care of the farm owner’s animals and crops.

In addition to all of the work and dedication that the חניכים have put into gardening, farming, and rehearsing for both זמריה and the Kerem play, the kids have also had a great deal of fun! Yesterday, we had an in-camp trip day, in which the kids played water games, slip and slide, threw around water balloons (mostly at the counselors, if we’re being honest), and also had a paint party (see pictures online).

Although it is bittersweet and with mixed sentiment that we enter the last Shabbat of first month, this has been a very fun, successful, and meaningful first month of Kerem, and we look forward to continuing the fun for the rest of the summer!!


צבת  Kerem ‘16