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July 24, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Maalot Second Session First Blog Post

Author - Camp Yavneh

Bruchim HaBaim to second session!

For those of you who haven’t met us yet, we are Aaron Butler and Rachel Wechsler, the roshei ayda (unit heads) for your campers this kayitz (summer). First month was a blast, and we are thrilled to begin another session with the Maalot chanichim (campers)!

After a rainy move-in day, we settled in with a long shower time and plenty of bunk-chill. It was so nice seeing our campers greet each other for the first time this summer. After an incredible schnitzel dinner, we headed back to the bunks for Bunk Rules. As per every other summer, the girls ended their bunk rules with the iconic Rule #10: P.M.A (positive mental attitude). Judging from last session, we doubt that positivity will be a problem for our energetic chanichot! 

Our opening peulat erev (evening activity) allowed our chanichim to get in touch with their creative sides. In “Erev Congrats! You’re a counselor” we split the campers up into a groups, and these groups were their tzevet (staff). They started out with a staff meeting, introducing themselves, how many years at Yavneh, and a funny story. Then they had to plan their own peulah using various materials. After thirty minutes, each group presented their idea to the entire ayda (age group) and we voted on the best idea. Next week, we are actually going to plan and run one of the activities that your campers created themselves! Their leadership skills are already paying off.

After a routine morning of chug (elective), Maalot Peulah (time with the roshes), and kitah (class), our campers enjoyed the first lunch of the session, with a surprise Kolbo at the end. We are so excited for a week filled with Water Country, MaGuPu (Gurim buddies), and the first Shabbat of second session!


Rachel and Aaron