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July 03, 2019

Kayitz 19 Kerem Second Week Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear parents,

Kerem had an amazing first Shabbat since I last wrote to you all, my dear pen pals. They led Zemirot (songs on Friday night) for the first time, and we were very impressed with the Shabbat committee that spent time during the week planning for Shabbat. On Shabbat morning we had a throwback tefilot (prayer) service, led by the tefilot committee. If you haven’t caught on yet, all of Kerem are divided into various committee to work on things like Shabbat, Tefilot, Zimriyah, Kerem Karnival, and fundraising for the ARC run, walk, and roll. It’s just one part of Kerem’s role as leaders in camp.

On Satuday night Kerem covered bunks for the first time. This means that they played the role of the counselors for one night, helping to put campers to bed and make sure that they were all safe. They did an amazing job and I got great feedback about there amazing attitude and ability!

On Sunday we began a two day campaign for President of Machane Yavneh. On Sunday night Kerem divided into campaign teams with a candidate, running mate, campaign manager, PR managers, and more, and they recorded their campaign ads. On Monday they compiled their campaign ads and prepared their speeches. On Monday night, we began the election night, but were interrupted a fire evacuation. Thankfully, there was no fire and everyone was safe, and Kerem did an amazing job singing and keeping the younger campers occupied while we waited for the all-clear. After that, we proceeded with the elections, and Yoni Semel was elected president of Machane Yavneh. 

On Tuesday, we had our first manhigut (leadership) activity about listening and communication. We chose  Zimriyah songs, and finished preparing for Kerem Karnival that is happening today. We can’t wait to see how Kerem will do with Kerem Karnival, July 4th, and the second Shabbat of camp. Talk to you soon!