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July 03, 2019

Kayitz 19 Kfirim Second Week Blog

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello horim (parents)! Kfirim had an amazing Shabbat. We started off with a beautiful ReliSh (Ruach Lifnei Shabbat or spirit before Shabbat). At ReliSh, we sing hebrew songs to get the chanichim (campers) in the mood of Shabbat. After ReliSh, the entire camp gathered in Gilboa (amphitheater) for a soulful Kabbalat Shabbat (Shabbat nightly prayers). Once Kabbalat Shabbat was over, we all went into the Chadar Ochel (the dining hall) to have a special Shabbat dinner which included chicken soup, rice, and seasoned chicken (vegetarians had their own special Shabbat food too!). Once everyone’s bellies were full, we did sang zemirot (songs) to end the Shabbat night. Shabbat day started with tefilot (prayer), and a very meaningful Musaf (special Shabbat prayer) with the whole camp. Afterwords, the chanichim had time to explore camp, and many of them began an impromptu game of nucomb on the volleyball courts. On Shabbat, there is also a time for chanichim learn with the morim (teachers). After dinner, there is havdallah (ceremony) to say good-bye to Shabbat, in which the chanichim sing and dance to some upbeat spiritual songs. At night, the chanichim got to know their Kerem (CITs) and they had so much fun together.

On Sunday, the chanichim started their day off with nikayon (bunk cleaning) and headed to their normal morning schedule. In the afternoon, the whole aydah (age group) had free swim and got to go on the Aqua Kef (water trampoline). The Banim (boys) then got a chance to make Israeli pita while the Banot (girls) had the choice of either doing omanut (art) or drama. At night, the ayda had erev (night) survivor which included making a team poster and an obstacle course! On Monday, we had yom (day) Canada. Everyone wore red and white and participated in Canadian activities. Some of those activities were hockey, igloo making out of sugar cubes, and took a shot at Canadian trivia. At night, we prepared for the talent show on Tuesday night in which each tzrif (bunk) has their own act.

We celebrated another birthday this week as well, mazal tov!

B’ahava (with love),

Ami and Gabi