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August 16, 2016

Gurim Does Dizzy Izzies!

Author - Camp Yavneh
Well ladies and gentleman, I have to say that this month has really ended with a bang.
Shabbat was extra joyous because it was the last one with Debbie and Joel here as the leaders of our community. This singing unified all of the age groups and even the Gurim חניכים (campers) felt the change in energy. However it was also a little sad because many of us have had many beIMG_0422autiful childhood memories from Debbie’s leadership here at camp. It occurred to me that many of our Gurim חניכים will not be sharing the same Yavneh experiences that we did. As they say, “the show must go on.”
In what as a very appropriate back drop to Debbie’s last Shabbat, 9 B’Av was observed starting Saturday night. The day of mourning was experienced by Gurim through  prayers of sadness and the historical events that the day commemorates. Gurim learned about the different events leading up to the burning of the בית המקדש  and some of the treatment that Jews suffered at the beginning of the Nazi reign in Germany. Just as in the happier celebrations of this Summer, Gurim was able to come together and support each other even in times of darkness.
Then the dawn came again and we all woke up to another fantastic day. During breakfast the whole camp surprised Debbie by going on a hike up Saddleback Mountain- Debbie’s favorite activity! The hike was a hit! There was singing, dancing, snacks, and memories made! After the hike we had  the all-of- camp relay race with many of our חניכים (campers) running in it!  We ended the wonderful day by doing dizzy izzies, relay races that include spinning around bent over, with our heads on a baseball bat beforehand! After the giggles we went to bed with smiles on our faces and sweet dreams on the brain.