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August 16, 2016

Arayot Loving Maccabiah!

Author - Camp Yavneh

We’ve had a wacky and fun first couple days of Maccabiah. After breakout on Wednesday, we started with the classic first event of למעלה למתה (over under), which is a game in which everyone stands in a line and has to pass a ball all the to the back of the line, passing it alternatively over their head and then under their legs.

On Wednesday night, guests visited camp to bring a family feud style game show played by all the campers for Maccabiah points. The next night brought another game show, Chidon, which happens every year during MPhoto Aug 12%2C 6 17 17 PMaccabiah, and tests chanichim on their knowledge of what they’ve learned this past summer in Kitah.

Friday night brought Shabbat and a time to rest from the craziness and divisiveness of Maccabiah. On Saturday night, after Havdalah, camp began the commemoration of Tisha B’av, the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, where we remember the destruction of the first and second temples. Maalot led a meaningful טקס (ceremony) and we listened to a reading of איכה (the book of Lamentations). Many of the chanichim chose to fast, since they are now post-bnei mitzvah age. Sunday we learned, davened, and remembered and memorialized important members of our community.

Today was another active day of Maccabiah and we ended the night with Dizzy Izzies, a relay race that involves spinning around to make yourself dizzy before completing other activities. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to Apache, the all camp relay race, and L’chu Neranena, the culmination and end of Maccabiah!