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July 31, 2018

Gefen Blog – Week Two Second Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom la horim shel Gefen.

We hope you are all doing well. On this side of Lucas Pond things have been very busy. The chanichim (campers) began the week with a Machaneh-wide trip to Water Country. For the first time in living Yavneh memory, every aydah (unit) other than Kerem made the trip to New Hampshire’s flagship water park. After a rainy start to the month we were blessed with the perfect day for sliding into water and lazing in rivers. It was a blast. The fun didn’t stop there as the madrichim had some awesome peulot erev lefi tsrif (bunk night activities) in store. The banim (boys) had Erev Fortnight in which they simulated the popular video game whilst the banot (girls) made bed signs for their bunk buddies.

The next installment of excitement came in the form of KTV which is Machaneh Yavneh’s annual lip syncing competition run by Kerem (CITs). Gefen’s theme for the night was Broadway musicals and each tzrif  (bunk) chose a very different song to tackle. B6 theatrically performed The Lion King’s “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” whilst B7 took the humor route with On Your Feet’s “Conga”. Meanwhile G8 embraced their youth with “Revolting Children” from Matilda. Despite being robbed of all three top positions, the Gefs had a great night and were rightfully very proud of their acts.

After a beautiful Shabbat which closed with second session’s first musical Havdalah service, Gefen prepared to embark for our next adventure, an overnight at Pawtuckaway State Park. On Sunday afternoon we arrived at the campsite and set up camp. We spent the evening playing capture the flag and then had a delicious barbeque for aruchat erev (dinner) prepared by the madrichim (counselors). However, the fun didn’t end there as we got a surprise visit from Meir, Rosh Banim (head boy’s counselor), who taught Gefen how to make pita over a campfire. A few smores later and the chanichim were ready for bed.

We are writing this straight back from yet another excursion, a trip to the UNH swimming pool. The chanichim played and swam to their heart’s content and are now getting the rest they need for yet another exciting week. Today we have Kerem Karnival followed by a hafta’ah (surprise) evening for the chanichim.

We can’t wait to fill you in on the excitement of the week to come.


Sam and Allie