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July 27, 2017

First Week of Maalot!

Author - Camp Yavneh


As we’ve gotten more into the swing of second month, Maalot has been moving ahead at full force. On Monday the banim (boys) had Yom LARP, which stands for Live Action Role Play. The bunk was divided into kingdoms and engaged in battle throughout the day; they created house crests and mottos, and played a modified, Medieval version of capture the flag. The banot (girls) had Yom Bunk Buddy. They dressed up as their bunk buddy, had to take care of a water balloon together all day, and played the newlywed game.

On Tuesday we began a programmatic change that has been implemented this month called sadna, which are afternoon electives with specialists. The sadnaot range from drumming to golf to waterskiing, and Maalot has been having an excellent time exploring this brand new part of Yavneh. Tuesday night we had a peulah chinuchit (educational activity), and we discussed the family values instilled in us and how those values affect how we engage with contemporary social issues.

On Wednesday, we began two exciting projects that Maalot will be participating in this month. The first is a tekes (program) for Tisha B’av, a holiday that commemorates the destruction of the temple. Chanichim (campers) are singing, dancing, reading texts, and creating art for the program. The other project that Maalot gets to take on this month is a musical called Once Upon a Mattress. Auditions and rehearsals began this week, and we are so grateful to have Yassi Noubahar, a performing arts student at the Pratt Institute in New York. Today, we are looking forward to the Kerem Carnival and, as we look ahead to the following week, we are excited to share the hard work we’ve been putting into the Tisha B’av tekes with the rest of Yavneh.


Josh and Helen