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Camp Yavneh Jewish Geography Zoom Racing

Everyone is invited to watch Camp Yavneh Jewish Geography Zoom Racing this Sunday, August 16th at  8:00 PM on Facebook Live. Tune in and join us for a fabulous interactive hour of fun and lots of laughs and an opportunity to raise money for Yavneh. 

What is Jewish Geography Zoom Racing (JGZR)? JGZR is a game show that illustrates just how interconnected we all are. Contestants are given the name of a random Jewish person they don’t know (aka, The Chosen One), and they race to see who can be the first to get that person onto the zoom call. The catch? They cannot use social media of any kind to find them, they can only reach out to their network of friends, colleagues, and family, and their networks of friends, colleagues and family, until the Chosen One has been found. The game’s motto? “It’s not who you know, it’s who you know knows.” 

Meet the Contestants:

  • Charlie Savenor (Kerem 1985) 
  • Ami Abramson (Kerem 1989)
  • Ann Lapin (Kerem 1992)
  • Yoni Silverman (Kerem 2004)
  • Jossie Forman (Kerem 2010)
  • Talia Schwartz (Kerem 2010)

Wondering how you can help the contestants?

Give the contestant of your choice a boost by donating $180 for access to a special guest. These special guests cast a wide net in the Jewish Geography world and will help the contestant figure out who the Chosen One is. Special guests include Davida AmkrautYoni Bokser, Shira LoewensteinBecca & Steve Shimshak, and Bil Zarch.

Start supporting the contestants now and throughout the actual event by donating through venmo@campyavneh or by clicking here. When you donate via Venmo, be sure to include your name, amount, contest you want to help and access to which special guest (if applicable). Check out the donation amounts below:

  • $54 – Unlock a clue for the contestants
  • $72 – Allow the contestant to call another friend
  • $118 – Zoom in to call a contestant
  • $180 – Access to a special guest

For other donations please click here to help sustain Camp Yavneh.


See you on Facebook Live on Aug. 16th at 8 PM – we can’t wait!