Camp YavnehCamp Yavneh
November 29, 2018

Machaneh Musings – What is Your Yavneh Story?

Author - Bil Zarch

When speaking to new parents about camp, I often talk about children rising to expectations in ways that parents can’t even imagine. I encourage them to think of time that a situation exceeded their child’s expectations and what were the circumstances that led to the positive reaction.

Being at camp is an incredible gift that we give our children. It is an even more outstanding feat for those that work here. We get to see children try new things, reinvent themselves and become exemplary young people on a daily basis, because of the habits they learned in their home environment.

During this Chanukah  season of renewal , we reflect on what is important and critical for a successful Yavneh summer. Over the coming months, you are going to be hearing a lot about more Yavneh’s values that we work hard  to instill in our campers and staff.

These past weeks, I have been having one-on-one conversations with each madrich/a (counselor) that wants to return to camp. Their dedication to our campers is incredible. Each of them have a different Yavneh story story about connection, love, friendship, trying new things and experiencing a community that cares deeply about them. Over the coming months, I hope to weave those stories into a narrative that will excite you about Yavneh.

Wishing you all a chag orim v’sameach.