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July 03, 2018

Week Two Highlights – Leviim!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Leviim 2018 is happening!

This week has been amazing to say the least. After we left off, we had an amazing morning at our chuggim (electives), kitot (class), and instructional swim at the Agam (waterfront). We then had a special Yom Meuchad for the afternoon. We did “Agamapalooza!” We started off with sand castle river civilization competitions (sounds complicated, but they loved it). Then we did an Apache on the beach (a giant relay race consisting of crossword puzzles, fishing, swimming, boating, and teamwork!) We had two teams for both activities (Adom + Cachol – Red + Blue). Cachol was victorious, winning some Yavneh swag – hacks sacs and frisbees.

For the night activity, we had a chinuchi (educational activity run by the teachers). We learned about the theme of the summer and how it impacts our everyday lives. The theme of the summer is “Hazorim bedimah b’rina yiksoru,” which means “those who plant with tears, will reap happiness.” After a little balloon competition, we were left with a little extra time. We decided to have a Leviim vs. Maalot dodgeball game. It was a riveting mashup.

The first Shabbat of camp is always one of the most special. Kayitz 18’s first Shabbos was no exception. Our ruach (spirit) could have shattered the windows of the Ben Zvi, if that was possible. Shabbat was extremely hot at camp. To cool down, those who wanted to, got to go swim in the Agam after services as well as after lunch. We relaxed, recentered, and welcomed in the new week as a mishpacha.

Sunday was a blast. We started the day with nikayon (clean up) instead of doing it after breakfast – a normal switch up in Sunday’s. After breakfast, it was a normal morning and afternoon. Next, we got to have a joined peulat erev with Maalot. Everyone showed up to the Agam dressed to the nines. The theme was Coachella (music festival). We mingled with each other to intertwine our aydot (age groups). We had cranberry seltzer, glitter face paint, and a grand old time. We then moved the party to the Ben Zvi were we had a giant game of Coke and Pepsi (the winners won extra Kolbo (canteen)). After, we traveled up to the field where we had a bonfire. We sang zemirot (songs) and roasted marshmallows under the stars. It was a success!

The next day was achla yom (trip day). We went to the beach! We walked along the sand, played football on the grass, and went swimming in the crystal clear ocean water. We even ate ice cream! We finished the day back at camp for a barbecue and Zim practice. For the last hour before bed, we started practicing our acts for the talent show coming up. We can’t wait to see what we do next!

Until next time…


Jonathan (Rosh Leviim)