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April 05, 2019

Tor Tochnit with Michi – My Trifecta!

Author - Michi Rosenhek Zelermyer

Sometime between Purim and Pesach, I always find myself having a little panic attack amid all the building excitement for one of my favorite holidays.

  • Will I have enough time to clean my house to ensure that my family will welcome the holiday with the best of intentions?
  • Will my children fulfill their spring cleaning duties, pitching in with the overall atmosphere in the house?
  • Will I be ready to host two Seders in the time I have left to prepare a thoughtful, educational, age-appropriate experience for my guests?
  • Will I have enough food for all who sit at my table, knowing that my high standards stipulate that everything must be home-made?

You may have similar stresses. You may have similar questions that plague you as the holiday draws nearer. What gets me through?

  1. Planning! Lists, menus and appointments in my calendar let me know which days I should do my Pesach grocery shopping, schlep up the boxes from the basement, cook the brisket, etc…
  2. Tradition! Sometimes repetition is helpful. The Haggadah lets me know what needs to be recited, which foods I can’t forget to stock up on, and even what items we need on the table to go through the Seder steps.
  3. Creativity! Here’s the fun and whimsy. One year I sent out a Ladino version of Chad Gadya called Un Cabrito to all my guests beforehand and photocopied the lyrics so we could try out a new tune. Last year I made mini cardboard figurines of all my guests, their photo-faces glued on robe-toting slave silhouettes who were crossing through the sea as my centrepiece. Don’t know I’ll ever outdo that one!

What I realize is that the same strategies I employ in this crazy month leading up to Pesach, are the same tools I’m using to plan Kayitz ‘19 – Planning. Tradition. Creativity. I guess this is my trifecta! What’s yours?!