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March 27, 2016

Robotics coming to Yavneh this summer

Author - Camp Yavneh

We are exciting to bring Robotics to Yavneh this summer. Our campers will learn great new skills indesigning, building and programming Lego Robots. Throughout the workshops campers will apply their new skills along with STEM knowledge to solve real world problems! Some of the things the campers might choose to make are:

  • Robots that autonomously find their way out of a maze
  • Robots that can trace and follow routes on a map
  • Robots that light a Hanukia or spin dreidels
  • Robots that response to music with cool dancing moves
  • Robots that are teleoperated and play soccer
  • And many other creative projects from the campers imagination!

Robotics will be lead by Raz Karl, coming to us from Israel:

Raz has been a counselor in Israeli summer camps for the past 7 years!

He is full of energRaz for roboticsy and high spirit and loves working with kids.

Raz was the captain of his high school’s robotics team (FRC), and lead the team to winning the Israeli nationals.

After graduation Raz volunteered to coach the middle school’s robotics team (FLL) and lead them to winning the international competition (OEC), where he was also awarded ‘Best Mentor’!

Raz served the IDF as an embedded software developer in an elite Cybersecurity unit and is excited to join Camp Yavneh this summer where he will lead Robotics workshops and inspire campers about Israel and technology!