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July 05, 2018

Program Updates by Michi

Author - Camp Yavneh

8 things I saw this week around Machaneh Yavneh:

1) Sports! Chanichim (campers) trying out for tennis teams, volleyball teams, and basketball teams.

2) Water play! It’s been super hot and we are getting everyone into the Agam as much as we can. (Thanks Estelle and Tzevet Agam for your extra efforts!) And if there’s a bunk that can’t make it to the Agam, we’re improvising with water shooters, water balloons, shpritz bottles, and slip n slide!

3)Buses! Our first trip day of the summer took place on Monday: Beach days across all aydot so everyone could splash, frolic, chill, swim, play, and raft in the heat.

4) Dedicated tzevet (staff)! We’ve got the best of the best! No doubt about it. Madrichim (counselors) helping out in all sorts of ways, morim (teachers) engaging your children’s minds and feeding their Jewish souls, YFS (Yavneh Food Services) feeding their bodies…Your children are in very good hands!

5) Talent! Talent Shows on Tuesday night were adorable for all the aydot, and some of your children really impressed me!

6) Creativity! From drama chug to Maalot play rehearsals, from potter’s wheels to intricate bracelet designs, from drawing chug to silver making, Arayot rehearsing rikud (dance) and shira (song) for Ketzev…Yavneh’s got some great artists!

7) Clowning around! I mean it! Your children were riding unicycles, balancing on soup cans or giant balls, and catching lots of different objects with their arms, necks, and feet.

8) Fourth Fun! Parade…Costumes…Party…Cupcakes…Game Show…Fireworks = ‘Nuff said!

I’m exhausted re-living the week! Now imagine your children: how busy they are, how much fun they’re having, and how filled their lives are here. Machaneh Kayitz (summer camp) is such a gift that you give them! Kol Hakavod to all of you…and hoping your summers are just as filled, engaging, and fun!