Camp YavnehCamp Yavneh
July 28, 2017

Na’aleh Weekly Letter

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shabbat Shalom from the holy home, Machneh Yavneh,

We spent our past Shabbos on Kibbutz Ketura
On our tour of the place we explored like Dora

Then on Sunday we went to a kibbutz
They made products out of their shmutz

Everything was made out of mud,
it was definitely not a dud

Then we headed down to the Negev place
Where we got lots of dirt on our face

We slept outside and stargazed,
Then when we woke up for shmira we were kind of dazed

While at first our shirts were white, after three days they were not a pretty sight

In the hot desert sun we wanted to get cool
So a few banim acted like amoebas in the pool

Originally the water was very clear
But as more people joined the floor began to disappear

We chased camels and had a great time
Heres a filler line ending in a nice rhyme!

After four long days we returned from the Negev
And back in Jerusalem we were joined by Itai Segev

And on 27th of July in the jungle of Nool
Naaleh cooled off in the cool of the pool

On Thursday we met with the people of Shorashim who taught us something new
We had a deep discussion about the Israeli Palestinian conflict
((read with interest)) ooooooh!

On our way to volunteer
The bus left without Shrago, oh dear!

Then we traveled to the Belz Chasidic community
…there were absolutely no issues with it….

Now in a very different setting as were sure you’re all betting

We went to the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center
to learn about how into the IDF foreigners can enter

At night we ventured down Emek Refaim
Where Malkah bought bean boozled and yakked up skunk flavored jelly beans

This morning we met with another Chasidic Jew
He’s so cool, he’s sending Chasidic Jews to more secular schools

We then traveled to Har Herzl and had a valuable time

Now on to Shabbos with our separate host families on a moshav
We are not excited for the heat and fast on the ninth day of av

Good Shabbos from Liz, Giselle, Noam, Feldman, Shrago, and Josh
and the rest of Naaleh ’17 hopes you have a good Shabbos mosh

Adina Smith, Geoff Cahr, Nadav Cohen, Isaiah Rosenn, Noah Weinberg, Hillel Schwartz, Mama Barb + Jeff + Ezra Weener, Kfirim 17, Bishul Chug 2012, Older Kfirim, Kerem ’11, 2KX, Itamar and Asap Asulin, Yonit Cohen, Eve Miller