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June 08, 2017

Meet 2017 Yavneh Nurses

Author - Camp Yavneh

We have three amazing amazing nurses at Camp Yavneh – Suzi Polirer, Stacey Wyner and Sarah Bier. Suzi has been at camp since 1991, Stacey since 2009 and Sarah is new to the Yavneh family this year. To find out more about our nurses, check out their bios on our website. Recently, we had a chance to ask the nurses three questions about camp and here is what they had to say:

Favorite camp activity

  • “I am excited to get to know camp and all that it has to offer!  – Sarah Bier
  • Hiking and Rekudiah” – Stacey Wyner
  • “My favorite activity is Shabbat, especially ReLeSH. Seeing the smiling faces at ReLeSh, the entire camp singing as one during tefillot at Gilboa, and the zemirot after our meal, where the chanichim “rock the Ben Zvi” with song, traditional and modern — these are a few my “favorite things.” – Suzi Polirer

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

  • “I am looking forward to being outside and in nature at camp! I look forward to getting away from the busy-ness and loudness of city life!”  – Sarah Bier
  • “Keeping our campers healthy!” – Stacey Wyner
  • “What else? — Opening day, greeting all the chanichim and staff, all eager with anticipation for the time to come at Yavneh; The camaraderie of chanichim and staff, joining together for a wonderful tochnit; and, of course, Mah Jonng in the Marp with friends and newbies.” – Suzi Polirer

Helpful tip for new (and returning) campers?

  • “I recommend packing less than you need. Our tendency is to overpack and underuse what we lug around with us is one I always think about when packing for a long trip away from home.”  – Sarah Bier
  • “Keep hydrated and use sunblock!” – Stacey Wyner
  • “Come with open minds to explore and enjoy new and old activities. And don’t forget — wash your hands!!!” – Suzi Polirer