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April 05, 2019

Machane Musings – A Tribute to Jeff

Author - Bil Zarch

How can we adequately thank someone for eighteen years of service to any organization? It’s hard. No matter the position of the person, we can’t imagine how someone new is going to do the job. Working in the summer camp industry is a labor of love. Anyone who has worked at camps can tell you that they dive into their work which is varied and interesting. No day is the same either in the summer or during the year. You are part negotiator, part craftsman, part financier, part social worker, part manager and all heart. We take on so much because we believe in the mission of the place we are working for.

This week, we officially say goodbye to our Associate Director, Jeff Weener, whom after eighteen years is departing Yavneh. For the camp, Jeff was a steady presence that many staff members could count on to be a helping hand, another voice to bounce ideas off, and an ear to listen for suggestions. For Jeff, Yavneh was his home away from home. The connections and relationships that he formed have helped shape what Yavneh is today. There is not an area in camp that his influence can’t be felt.

After the announcement of Jeff’s new job, we have spent most of our time quizzing Jeff on aspects of the operation that he was heavily involved in and not taking enough moments to share our gratitude for what he has done for the organization. When Jeff started at Yavneh, there weren’t nearly as many campers, our facilities weren’t as plentiful and our retreat business was half of what it is today.

On behalf of the entire Yavneh community, Jeff, we want to thank you for your leadership, dedication and commitment to Camp Yavneh. We would not be the place we are today without your wisdom.  Wishing you only the best as you continue to make a positive impact on the Jewish camping world.