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October 26, 2018

Machaneh Musings by Bil – Oct. 26, 2018

Author - Bil Zarch

There is a famous adage, “You are only as old as you look.” Usually used to describe people, this phrase is often associated with the concept of staying young. Yavneh started its 75th year this past summer. That is truly incredible in so many ways. First, over the last 75 years Yavneh  has had a tremendous impact on so many people – thousands – and continues to do so. Second, Yavneh’s deep traditions have stood the test of time and events that were life changing for our campers 75 years ago still hold strong and have the same result – creating a group of people committed to building a strong, passionate Jewish community.

We have been getting questions on how we are celebrating our 75th year. We are recognizing this important milestone by a combination of events that will touch all facets of our community. Some of these events you have already heard about and others you haven’t yet. I hope that everyone will find a way to connect with the Yavneh community during our 75th year. It is an exciting time for the camp.

As the year progresses, we will share more details.

Shabbat Dinners (November 9 in Newton, MA and December 14 in Manhattan)

Join the Yavneh community as we celebrate Shabbat – Yavneh style! We have been doing a lot of planning for these special events. Starting the evening with a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat, then a community dinner, followed by programmatic pieces both for kids and adults. RSVP here for MA and RSVP here for NYC to join the action.

75th Celebration in Israel – January, 2019

We are still figuring out the exact date and will be in touch with our many alumni and current campers who are in Israel. We will gather together to celebrate Yavneh in a place that is especially close to many of our hearts.

Yavneh at Home Event – March 10, 2019

The idea of this event is that we will gather together in homes to fete, reminisce, party, and honor Yavneh in smaller groups. At one point in the evening, each home will be linked together in a way that only Yavneh can do – interesting and community-based.

Young Alumni Shabbaton – May 10-12, 2019

We are targeting two groups – young professionals and young alumni with children under 8. This 21+ event will have programming for both constituencies.

Yom VaLaila B’Yavneh (Alumni) – July 28, 2019

We will culminate our year long celebrations with a fun day at camp.

If you want to get involved in helping plan any of these events, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect. I look forward to sharing more news about our 75th year celebrations and commemorations in the coming months.

Kol tov,