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June 28, 2018

Mah Koreh with Lisa Rubins

Author - Camp Yavneh

The success of פעולות ערב peulot erev (evening activities) rests solely on the shoulders of our מדריכים madrichim (counselors) and  ראשי עדה Roshei Ayda (Unit Heads). This first full week of camp was no exception. Each עדה ayda (unit) had started right from the beginning, making memories that will keep them going until they return next summer (already!).  

Here are some examples:   

  • Gurim and Maalot teamed together for their first (of many) MaGuPu (think of it as a Big Brother/Big Sister type of program).  Their theme was Alien Invasion and one of the things the חניכים chanichim (campers) did was make slime together, as a “protective agent to keep the aliens away.”  
  • Gefen participated in a Yom Founders.  Their favorite part of the day was taking on the identity of a town surrounding Northwood, and creating a flag, and identity of that town.
  • Kfirim had a Yom Olympics.  Their highlight was singing the national anthem of their made-up country and a very friendly but competitive game of Knock Out.
  • Arayot had a Yom Keshet (rainbow).  They played a whacky nucomb/volleyball hybrid game, tie dyed, and worked together as they learned new parachute games.
  • Leviim had an Agamapalooza.  They played crazy water games, built elaborate sandcastles, filled a canoe with water and had a timed fishing contest, among many other fun events.
  • Kerem participated in the Great Kerem Bake Off. Bil was a judge, and tried each of the groups cookies.  They were given ingredients but no recipe. Next time you see Bil, ask him how they tasted!

A huge highlight of the week was Erev Sport.  The חניכים chanichim (campers) walked around camp with their צריף tzrif (bunk), every chanich participating in fun sports challenges, like running the bases in silly ways, or limbo, or a new twist on a baseball game called Bayit Sadeh, or trying to make baskets.  The HUGE announcement about this night (which made the kids so disappointed when it got dark and the night was over) is that the winner of this night, wins the opportunity to be the FIRST tzrif ever to go on the Aqua Kef. Stay tuned to find out who that winner is!