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July 18, 2018

Ma Koreh with Lisa

Author - Camp Yavneh

What comes to mind when looking at this week, is the Beatles song, “You say goodbye, and I say hello.” The beginning of the week was as busy as always. There was the Maalot play, performed and involving all of the chanichim חניכים (campers) in Maalot. With guidance from their director Kristi Wivagg, they brought to life a series of stand-alone one act scenes, infused with their own unique style and sense of humor. Kfirim went on an overnight to Gunstock Mountain. Kerem participated in a 5K race outside of camp, raising awareness and money for ARC of Bristol County, an organization that supports people with disabilities and their families.  The final dinner of first session was one that the chanichim חניכים (campers) were begging for….Breakfast for Dinner (and everyone wore pajamas to the meal).

Wednesday night was a relaxing and fun evening for the full season chanichim as we welcomed a friend of Whacky Chad’s, a performer named Alakazam, the Human Knot (maybe you have seen him at Faneuil Hall)!

Thursday night we will welcome second session campers with open arms and warms hearts.  Each ayda will create their own special Peulat Erev פעולת ערב (evening activity)….Curious what will be happening?  Check Yavneh’s facebook page every morning for a #PeekIntoPeulatErev.